Its very frustrating seeing the world you live in disappear or morph into something you no longer recognise – suddenly you wake up and everything has changed. Materials have changed, all the production has been moved to the far away Orient. Suddenly quality, pride, knowledge and ideas all went east, far east. We spent much time looking at what we were doing and asking why we were doing it, where was this all going. What was the point of trying to produce for other people when all they wanted was what everyone else had. What was the point of making molds when no one actually seemed that interested or even believed it was possible to produce carbon fibre frames in Italy. We decided to open a small workshop with the idea that people want to know who makes it, what the people making it believe in and what they are getting.

We believe that in a moment when all of the big companies are essentially offering the same thing, that we want to offer something different. Our choice has come about partly by the desire to recuperate some of the traditional working methods and to keep alive the Italian tradition of frame building, but at the same time to transform it and bring it into modern times. It is for this reason that we have selected carbon as the new frontier and steel as the traditional. We produce - for the moment - just 2 models.

The first, road and track, made using traditional lugged steel. We use Dedacciai tubing with the other elements being selected to the required design. Classic geometry with a level top tube.

The second model, our road frame in carbon, is made to measure and the joints are wrapped. This technique allows us to personalise the geometry of the frame to the riders physical dimensions. All the carbon elements used to make the frame are made using our designs and are all manufactured in Italy. For this frame we have chosen to use geometry with a slightly slopping top tube.

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