About us

History is the mark people make on the world. Titici is a line more than half a century long, extending into the future. Ever since we started out, we’ve been obsessed with coming in first. This is why we patented our famous “Fuego” Bmx in 1980, launched our mtb frames in 1984, and became the first to unveil a 29’’ mtb in Italy in 2007. Flexy inaugurates a new era in frame construction technology.Some people lock tradition away in museums. But we see it as a fire to keep fuelling day after day.

Pat and technology

The patent that allows us to make a specially shaped horizontal tube that tapers off to become a single sheet of carbon. The result is amazing. Vibration is reduced by up to 18%, for greater comfort and safety. All without altering the rigidity required to ensure reactivity and racing performance.The construction of the TITICI frame is the result of a long process that implies different operations: the design of the single tube and the construction of molds in ergal, the choice of the type of carbon layers for the tube molding, the phase of gluein

Comparative tests conducted by Parma University have demonstrated that the Flexy frame with P.A.T. technology absorbs up to 18% more vibrations than a standard frame. The energy generated by rough ground is dissipated so it has no effect on the cyclist’s hands and back. QUALITYWe could get all touchy feely here and talk about how we are committed and impassioned riders, and how we love bikes so much that it somehow elevates us into something unique, but that’s kind of common fodder for these “about” tabs on bike company websites. EVERYONE working in this industry should be committed and impassioned. It takes that kind of commitment to try to build the perfect bike. Still, we think we chase that vision of building quality bicycles that makes riding a better experience more than the others. Because we don’t want our after work or weekend rides spoiled by bikes that squeak, that fail, that need babying, and that give us an excuse to not hit that sweet gap.