Evil Bikes

Evil Bikes are hard-shredding machines built to give mountain bikers the ultimate ride. With their unique DELTA system suspension Evil Bikes have become some of the most sought after mountain bikes on the market, offering a fun on all types of trail. The company itself has a rough and raw take on mountain biking, Evil Bikes shred hard and take no prisoners.

Delta system

As much as we would like to think that everyone will have the opportunity to test ride an Evil, the reality is most of you will buy based on reviews, friends, or Weagle’s past successes.So the following is straight from the horses mouth (Dave Weagle being the horse). The DELTA system was conceived to, among other things, achieve very complex leverage rate curves that can be used to tune for varying track conditions, spring, and damper parameters. The dual progressive leverage rate curve was developed for coil sprung downhill applications to take advantage of the speed sensitive shocks on the market. Mechanically, the system uses very compact links that can achieve a lot of angle and velocity change through the travel. We can tailor the leverage rate curve to really take advantage of the shock’s valving and the way that a speed sensitive damper is designed to work. Ultimately the design achieves a high degree of suppleness early in the travel, with a very predictable high traction stage through the middle and a bottomless ramp at the end of the travel.

Flip Chip

At the heart of the Delta System, is a simple chip that we call the Flip Chip. At it’s most basic, the Flip Chip allows riders to change bottom bracket height and head angle by flipping the chip. This adjustment, like we said above, leaves the leverage rate curve and orientation of the linkage unchanged. The slight offset in bearing bore creates a simple interface that allows the rider to personalize their ride. It’s about finding what works for the way you ride and the terrain you ride in.