Elasticity and rigidity coexist in a cycling shoe.
The 3D Engineered Knit upper, extremely comfortable and breathable, adheres and
wraps firmly on the foot and, in synergy with the carbon sole, ensures the transmission of all the energy onto the pedal.

NO COMPROMISE because each model blends together all the characteristics that cyclists have always sought: comfort and performance.

NO COMPROMISE because the whole DMT collection is in 3D Engineered Knit, Road, Triathlon, XC/Marathon, Enduro, Gravel and after race: no compromise for any specialty but the best for all.

NO COMPROMISE because tradition and craftsmanship add up to innovation and the most advanced technologies.

NO COMPROMISE because the competitive vocation of each model that brings our champions onto the highest step of the world podiums, is combined with an unparalleled fit, giving life to a perfect shoe for everyone: professionals and amateurs.

NO COMPROMISE because with DMT every cyclist can demand and have everything from their shoes, without compromising.

We have always worked to redefine what is standard and create something completely new. We have been manufacturing our footwear for for over 40 years, we collaborate with some of the most demanding cyclists and we are passionate about innovation and the best sports performance.
Within our factories, we focus our efforts and our knowledge to overcome the limits of existing technologies and develop new ones.
Because it is the best way to predict the future to create it.

In the space of a few years, sports shoes have undergone a real revolution thanks to the knitted structure and have become the standard in sports such as running and football. The reasons for these changes are simply a better fit, greater comfort and excellent breathability.
DMT has been producing knitted footwear for important sports brands for more than 10-years; in 2018, after 12 months of development, we transferred this new technology to the world of cycling with the first shoe with a fully knit upper. Today we have extended the use of Engineered 3D Knit technology to the whole DMT 2022 collection.